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Premature Ejaculation Treatment Mistakes – The Condom Method

If you have premature ejaculation one so-called solution that you will have seen touted is the condom method. This supposed answer to premature ejaculation falls into the category of desensitizing techniques. Along with the masturbation method (covered in another article) buy condoms online and the use of delay creams and sprays (also covered in another article) the condom method of dealing with premature ejaculation is bad news. In this article I will take a look at why people still mistakenly advise using condoms to help you last longer in bed and then I’ll explain why it really isn’t a good idea to take much notice of this idea.

Everyone knows that using condoms reduces sensation during sex. In fact, it is so well known that this is the chief complaint against using condoms during intercourse. Of course, the proper use of condoms is essential to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of disease. This article is not about saying using condoms for their intended purpose is a bad idea. It is not, condoms are great for what they are designed to do. What I’m talking about is using condoms not as a method of contraception, nor as protection against infection but solely as a method of controlling premature ejaculation. That is a bad idea.

Condoms are supposed to treat premature ejaculation because they desensitize the penis and make you last longer in bed. Now, if your problem with not lasting long enough in bed is solely down to embarrassment or wanting to last longer for your partner then condoms may help. If you actually want to be able to enjoy sex and consider yourself to have a normal, healthy sex life, then using devices to desensitize your penis is not the answer. Remember, that desensitizing your penis doesn’t just let you keep on going for longer. If you are less sensitive, your orgasm will naturally be weaker. All you are doing is trading duration for strength of orgasm. Yes you wait longer for the climax but when it arrives it is weaker than before. This is hardly a solution to the problem.

With an understanding sexual partner you could use a condom until she has reached her climax and then remove it to reach yours. However, constantly having to adapt to a problem, to find ways around it, is never preferable to a solution. And why go to the cost of buying condoms for every time you want to have sex? Ask yourself what you’d prefer your wife or girlfriend to think: my man has a sexual problem but we can deal with it, or, my man can satisfy me in bed, we have a healthy sex life.

The answer is not to rely on coping strategies and trying to learn to live with premature ejaculation. Instead, look to get rid of the problem altogether. Lose the stigma of not being able to last long enough in a bed and start enjoying a normal and healthy sex life. Do this by finding a training problem that will free you of premature ejaculation for good. Attack it head on, eliminating whatever it is that is making you lose control rather than trying to find a way of living with the misery of an unsatisfying sex life. You may have to search around to find a good training program, there are a lot to choose from but they are not all created equal. It is definitely the case than some premature ejaculation training courses are not worth the effort. But equally, there are some excellent ones too. Good luck in finding one that works for you.